Speaking the local language: To be or not to be?

When someone randomly speaks to you in the local language out of nowhere.

Because you are there.. standing in the mechanical stairs of the metro, going up, and someone turns round and they speak at you.  I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Maybe it’s a sign that you are mixing well and you don’t look so lost in the crowd anymore… but, you can’t avoid to give them that look like… “I think I can’t really help you, hope you are not into an emergency.”

So… Is one supposed to learn the language of the place where moving in? Well… you are certainly not supposed to do so, and I guess this depends a lot on your future plans, but I think it is always nice to be able to communicate with locals in their language, at least in the most basic things. I always found respectful when travelling to other countries, the fact of getting previous knowledge of some basic phrases such as:

I don’t speak (Insert local language here) this is a little ironic… but very useful
I speak ___ and ___
I need help
I can’t understand
Food things… I usually know them pretty well (Because, what is it more important?)

No… seriously talking, is good to know some basic stuff to communicate, because not everyone will speak your language or English, so it is nice and polite that you actually ask them for help in their language or at least you ask them if they speak any of the languages you do speak.

On my side… I am starting to learn the language of the place I am living at… because I found myself very lost when people was talking to me and I could say nothing back, and because I know itwill help to integrate, even though is nice that the people from the country is also open to accept that not everyone speaks their language and maybe you end up spreading and sharing your culture around, why not? But I got to the conclusion, that learning the language, as hard as it may be, it is important and will help you a lot.


Then… you are learning the language and you start to understand what people say

And the most exciting part… when you learn the bad words!

Did you learn the language of where you are living? Are you planning to do so? What did you like the most about it? Want to hear your thoughts and stories!







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