Who, What and Why.

Another website is born!?! There are already thousands, millions of them! This one is a relaxed one, an open one, and we hope you don’t feel you are wasting your time around.

Ok, I’ll explain: The idea of this website is creating a shared space for Expats around the world. Sometimes it can be hard to cope with what comes along “Being an Expat” and some other times it can be amazing. I would say it is mostly amazing, forgetting al the bureaucracy and that boring and sadly necessary, stuff and papers that are required to do things the right or legal way.

Because there’s always a new paper to sign or a new thing to do in order to get your papers right!

So! I decided to start this space because I am an expat myself, because I’ve chosen to be an expat, and sometimes I found it so hard, and sometimes I still do find it difficult, but I am everyday working in doing my experience better, being more open to what happens around and to enjoy the experience everyday a little more.

Because we are all very excited when just arrived to our new-place-to-call-home, but then we start finding all the adversities… right?

There’s something very important that I would like to mention and it is that, the blog is intended to be positive, encouraging and respectful with other cultures. I have always been interested in different cultures and in growing tolerance towards others. Because we all come from different places, we all had different educations, and we are all humans. This is one of my guides in life.

How much better the world be if we could be more tolerant and if instead of negative critizicing, or thinking our way of doing things, or our thoughts are better than the rest, we would learn from each other and be open to Exchange. Stand in the other person’s feet for a while and see why are they like they are.

And so as I was saying… I started to feel curious about how others experience this, I started to think on how much people is going through this same process and in different circumstances, where maybe they haven’t chosen this, or where maybe they did, just like me.

The main point of this blog is sharing expats stories, making some fun about the day by day challenges we all face, and sharing things we learn from other cultures, to create positive vibes, and to basically speak about anything related or personal experience we had as an expat.

For now, the main language will be English, but hopefully I will get some time to translate into Spanish in the future. We will seeee!

So… Welcome, feel at ease, feel at your home, take your shoes off, and you are welcome to write and share your story with everyone anytime.

(This is how I am waving at you right now.)



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